Lost in Kawagoe


I find myself back on this blog whenever I’m looking to procrastinate other writing (read: I am drowning in college application essays). There are so many unfinished posts that haven’t made their way to this blog yet, but they will hopefully begin to surface after first semester ends and I have a bit more free time.

This is a draft I wrote a week or two after returning from a study abroad program in Japan that I had the opportunity to pilot this past summer. I was feeling nostalgic, so I hope you’ll excuse the slightly melodramatic tone 🙂  Continue reading

Japanese Resources for Beginners: Part One


So you’ve finally mustered up the will to learn Japanese, but…where do you start?

When I first decided to study Japanese, I felt confused and overwhelmed. I eventually figured out the resources and methods that work for me, but many other prospective learners give up before they’ve even begun. In this post, I hope to help any self-learners with the following questions.

  • What should I begin learning first?
  • Where should I learn it?

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