Lost in Kawagoe


I find myself back on this blog whenever I’m looking to procrastinate other writing (read: I am drowning in college application essays). There are so many unfinished posts that haven’t made their way to this blog yet, but they will hopefully begin to surface after first semester ends and I have a bit more free time.

This is a draft I wrote a week or two after returning from a study abroad program in Japan that I had the opportunity to pilot this past summer. I was feeling nostalgic, so I hope you’ll excuse the slightly melodramatic tone 🙂  Continue reading

Three Months Later

Just over three months have passed since I left the beautiful city of Seoul, and a considerably hectic schedule has defeated my earnest attempts at posting consistently on this blog. I’m currently in the midst of applying to be an alumni representative (!) for the Dallas area, and I was revisiting some of my posts for some essay inspiration.

Just in case any applicants out there waiting for their semi-finalist notifications are binging blogs like I did last year, I thought I’d write a quick update on what I’ve been up to since NSLI-Y. Continue reading

NSLI-Y Application Tips

I’ve been back in America for about two weeks now! I have so much to write about and share, but as application season has just begun, I wanted to give whatever advice I can to this year’s applicants.

It’s strange to think that I’ll have the opportunity to write a blog similar to the ones I pored over for hours on end while waiting for my notification. I don’t plan on going too much into depth on the application process, as several others have done a great job covering the topic already, but I’ll definitely provide any tips I can think of 🙂 Continue reading

A Quick Update

It’s been a busy week with barely enough time to sleep let alone blog. You’ll find that a dull ache in your head becomes present after several days of insufficient sleep.

This week of classes has been considerably more intense than the last in terms of homework. The workload isn’t nearly as bad as it is during the school year. It’s just that by the time I get home after activities like supporter meetings, weekly meetings, and 장구 (traditional drums) classes, I eat dinner with my host family and want to spend more time with them before starting homework. Or, I ride the wrong train, get spotted by some friends off to explore Myeongdong, and decide to tag along. My plans these days are spontaneous, but going along with things always seems to work out

This schedule can be physically and mentally exhausting (sometimes as a result of my own choices). And yet I don’t feel annoyed at all by waking up early, sleeping late, or doing loads of homework. Unlike school, everything I’m learning now is genuinely enjoyable and interesting to me. And for all the studying I do, I go out and have fun just as much.

For someone as introverted as myself, being around people almost 24/7 should be uncomfortable. But I’ve found that it doesn’t bother me, and I’ve had the chance to meet so many interesting individuals from all different backgrounds.

I’m in a pretty good place this week.

Hoping to catch up with other things I’ve been meaning to post this weekend!

Evening at the Han River

It’s Friday!

After class ended, we had our first cultural club meetings. I was put in the music class, in which we learn how to play a traditional Korean drum called 장구. My first choice was cooking, but the drums now seem equally as fun! There’s a lot more technique that goes into playing this drum than you would expect (or maybe that’s just me). There’s a certain place on the drum you have strike, a certain way to hold the sticks, and a certain way to keep the drum in place with your feet. By the end of today’s lesson, we were physically exhausted, and I had an acute aching sensation on my left pinky from the way we had to hold the stick.

But we still had enough energy to go explore more of Seoul. A group including myself and three other awesome NSLI-Yians spontaneously decided to go Yeouido to see the Han River. Continue reading