A Quick Update

It’s been a busy week with barely enough time to sleep let alone blog. There’s a dull ache in my head after several days of insufficient sleep.

This week of classes has been considerably more intense than the last in terms of homework. The workload isn’t nearly as bad as it is during the school year. It’s just that by the time I get home after activities like supporter meetings, weekly meetings, and 장구 (traditional drums) classes, I eat dinner with my host family and want to spend more time with them before starting homework. Or, I ride the wrong train, get spotted by some friends off to explore Myeongdong, and decide to tag along. My plans these days are spontaneous, but going along with things always seems to work out.

This schedule can be physically and mentally exhausting (sometimes as a result of my own choices). And yet, I don’t feel annoyed at all by waking up early, sleeping late, or doing loads of homework. Unlike school, everything I’m learning now is genuinely enjoyable and interesting to me. And for all the studying I do, I go out and have fun just as much.

For someone as introverted as myself, being around people almost 24/7 should be uncomfortable. But I’ve found that it doesn’t bother me, and I’ve had the chance to meet so many interesting individuals from all different backgrounds.

I’m in a pretty good place this week.

Hoping to catch up with other things I’ve been meaning to post this weekend!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. You sound in your element… Studying hard, never missing any adventure and enjoying meeting new people. May I suggest a course in map reading for your spare time? You make me nervous. Love hearing from you. We love you and are enjoying bragging rights to all our family and friends. You are making us proud. Love you. Your American grandparents.

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