First Time Exploring Seoul

It was an exceptionally long and wonderful day.

I came here knowing that breakfasts were savory, but it didn’t make eating vegetables and meat for breakfast any less odd. I actually really liked it and can see myself getting used to eating that kind of food in the morning. Enjoy this picture of Ashley dining on a wholesome breakfast.

We had some presentations and broke up into ten groups of five plus one alumni helper per group. The goal was to learn how to use the subway station, and I can’t explain the relief I felt when I heard someone was going to guide us.

We went to a place called Sadang and on the way completed some mortifying tasks, by which I mean engaging in conversation with complete strangers. We would ask them questions that usually had obvious answers (Ex. What station is this?), and I felt so burdensome and had to fight back a strong urge to flee after asking the question. Unfortunately, the embarrassment was prolonged by the need to take pictures for proof and to get each of our five members to ask a question. But it wasn’t all bad.

Several random people took interest in the six of us sporting matching NSLI-Y t-shirts and Better World bags. They asked us about our program and volunteered to help us with directions.

We were waking past some shops in the station, and a guy behind us said, “Hello” in a way that really didn’t sound like English, so it didn’t register for a second. Then, a girl beside him was like “왜 이래?” “Why are you being like this?” to which he responded, “Nice to meet you.” It was funny because I was the only one who had heard him, and everyone else was already walking away.

Old people stared us all day so much that I began to feel self-conscious, but I feel like a lot of them were merely curious and weren’t necessarily as annoyed as they looked.

We had some awesome bingsu at a cafe and wandered through a cool bookstore in the station before returning back to our hostel for more presentations from the alumni who had helped us out all day.

There’s a real copy of the book that appears in the drama 김비서가 왜 그럴까?

Just walking around and seeing the city makes me feel so happy to be here.

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